We are proud to announce the launch of some very exciting new rods for the 2015 season. As the world is becoming more accessible and anglers travel more extensively, we felt the need for these more compact and packable LXi multi-piece rods. They complement our existing LXi rods in a great way and we hope you will enjoy the benefi ts and features they off er. We built them so they can fi t into our GL Roller Bag for convenient travelling. Read more about
them on the LXi pages. 2 years of challenging work has resulted in our new Fario CRS Series, some of the lightest, crispest high performance rods on the planet. CRS adds a new dimension to our Trout Rod off ering, sparing no eff orts or money to off er the very best in components, design and fi nish. Check out the range and the story here on the rod pages. Among other news, you’ll also fi nd some heavy-weight 9’ rods in the Exceed and EXP4 ranges. These are devloped with the increasingly popular fly fishing for Pike in mind.
2017 IS A BIG ROD-YEAR for Guideline. The all-time bestselling and iconic LPXe Series that has been with us for 13 years is replaced by a new generation fly rods, a new LPXe. We simply couldn’t part from the name. During almost three years we have improved actions, sourced new graphites, developed new cutting and directional patterns as well as found a new cosmetic look for these classics in the Guideline range and are now proud to introduce these new stunning rods. Another big project is the launch of our new Elevate Rod Series. Built in the same factory that produce our CRS rods, these are the lightest and finest rods we have ever produced in this price segment. Choose between 18 different models with eye-popping value and performance. 


NT8 (New)   LXi T-PAC
Single Hand & Double Hand   Single Hand, Double Hand & Switch

   LPXe (New 2017)
  Single Hand Saltwater    Single Hand, Double Hand & Switch
 Fario CRS    Fario Classic
Single Hand Trout - Fast Action    Single Hand Trout - Medium Fast Action

   ELEVATE (New 2017)
 Single Hand    Single Hand & Double Hand
 LXi     Fly Fishing Kits for Trout, Seatrout, Salmon & Pike
 Double Hand     Single & Double Hand


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