MULTI TIP FLY LINES have become very popular over the last years and we are very happy to introduce our new 4D Multi Tip Body- and Tip system this year. Totally customizable, with endless opportunities to match the given fishing situation perfectly with your choice of Tip and Body density. Our classic, trusted Triple D shooting heads will now be available in an updated, pre-looped version for easy assembly with your preferred shooting line. 
Our Power Taper Calculator is a great tool for customizing your Power Taper shooting head.

Power Taper 4D Multi Tip Power Taper Compact MultiTip  Compact/Xchange Tips
Power Taper Compact Power Taper Ultra Compact Power Taper Scandi

 Power Taper 3D+ Power Taper RM Float Evolve Power Taper Triple-D

Coastal RTG  Power Taper Original DD