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These short shooting heads are ideally suited to the ”Scandi Style” technique with a short casting stroke. They are extremely easy to cast and give you the ability to lift sinking lines out of the water with ease and to fire accurate and effective casts from tight spots. The Compact lines are specialized tools for small to medium rivers or in slow flowing waters where a longer sinking head would be hard to lift out for a new cast.

Compact double hand lines are best suited for rods up to 14 feet and the single handed lines are ideal for Swich rods and off course single handed rods. They are designed as a real shooting head, in a Triple-D configuration and with no back taper. All sinking lines have a 2 feet yellow back end for easier control and visibility when fishing. Lines are looped for easy and fast change. We recommend using a slick running line with the sinking lines, especially if you want to fish the fly as slow as possible. Due to the short head and the thin running line the water pressure won’t push the line around as fast as a longer head or, if a thicker running line was used. The floating heads will work well with our TSL running line that is tapered for a smoother energy transfer when casting.



This floater loads super easy due to the complex taper with weight distribution towards the back half. It turns over long leaders and tracks well also in the wind. The density of this floater is on the high side, which makes it sit a little lower in the surface, but that also improves casting performance.

Color: Lichen Green.
Remember the old clear blue Power Taper? A great line when you wanted to fish the first 3 feet of the water column. Well here it is in a modern, shorter version with a buoyant floating back end that will help you control the drift, and speed without problems. The tip will sink at a speed of 20 seconds/meter.

Color: Fluoro yellow/Clear blue.


Intermediate/Sink2/Sink3 - NEW 2013


The S1/S2 density combination is one of our most popular of all times. This is a great line for fishing in the upper part of the water. The compact Power Taper design with the short Intermediate back end makes this line easy to handle. The tip will sink at a speed of 13 seconds/meter.

Color: Fluoro Yellow/Mint/Dark Grey.

Another new model for the 2013 season! The modern version of a “normal” sinking line, but with the added benefits of Double Density compensation in the sinking parts and the short intermediate for better handling during the swing and lift off. The S3 part sinks at 10 seconds/meter.
Color: Fluoro Yellow/Fudge Brown/Dark Grey.




Your choice of line when you need to meet the fish closer to the bottom, or when you need a bit more sink speed to keep the line down in hard currents. A popular line for smaller, swift rivers and for the Danish Sea Trout and Salmon rivers of Jutland. It has a sink rate of 8 seconds/meter in the Sink4 part.

Color: Fluoro Yellow/Blue/Dark Grey.
Here is your tool for getting down deep and fast. A very productive line in cold water or when fish are lying deep in holding pools and won’t move very far to take a fly. This line works very well for early season Sea trout but also in the strong currents of the West Norwegian Salmon Rivers. It will sink at a whopping 5,5 seconds/meter in the tip. Yet, the short length and the Intermediate back part will make it easy to pull out of the water.
Color: Fluoro Yellow/Black.

Power Taper Compact RTG - Specifications

Class Length Weight
Single hand
#7/8 8,3-9,5 m/27-31’ 21 grams/325 grains.
#8/9 8,3-9,5 m/27-31’ 24 grams/370 grains.
Double hand
#7/8 9,0-10,0 m/29,5-33’ 27 grams/417 grains.
#8/9 9,2-10,3 m/30-34’. 30 grams/463 grains.
#9/10 9,4-10,5 m/31-34,5’ 34 grams/525 grains.

*Lengths vary with density. Floating is the longest.
*Float and F/H/S1 double hand lines is 1gram heavier than the rest, add 1gram to the table above.