This EXP4 Series is packed with high performance and is a great buy for any beginner or intermediate fly fisher looking for fastaction; lightweight rods that will help make fishing fun. There are 12 different models of rods in the EXP4 series, ranging from 3 to 10-weights, covering the most common fishing scenarios. These rods load easily and, if your timing slips, they’ll forgive you. EXP4s are manufactured from different blends of carbon cloth in different parts of the blank. Totally new and revised tapers and graphite cloths make these rods a full generation more modern and sharp than the previous EXP3 version. And all that at a better price!

New models for season 2015 is two nine feet rods, line weight #9 and #10.  

EXP4 - Properties

EXP4 rods are finished in a metallic ‘rust’ Color with matching wrappings and trim. Each rod section is individually marked with the rod length and weight to avoid any mix-up of parts. The cork handles are of good quality and have user friendly designs that fit a wide range of hand shapes and sizes. Rods up to 6-weight are fitted with dark maroon colored reel seats with aluminium parts. All other rods have our super-solid custom reel seats with a hard-anodized, saltwater-resistant finish and great looks. All EXP4 rods are equipped with single-leg, hard-chrome guides. The stripper guides are finished in dark gunsmoke anodizing with Hardloy inserts. For protection when not in use, the rods come with red rod tubes and high quality, soft cloth bags.

EXP4 - Models

Model Length Line wt Pcs Weight Action
EXP4 763 7'6" 3 4 73g Med.Fast
EXP4 864 8'6" 4 4 82g Med.Fast
EXP4 905 9' 5 4 88g Med.Fast
EXP4 906 9' 6 4 98g Med.Fast
EXP4 907 9' 7 4 128g Med.Fast
EXP4 908 9' 8 4 129g Med.Fast
EXP4 909 (New) 9' 9 4 144g Med.Fast
EXP4 910 (New) 9' 10 4 149g Med.Fast
EXP4 966 9'6" 6 4 98g Med.Fast
EXP4 967 9'6" 7 4 132g Med.Fast
EXP4 968 9'6" 8 4 137g Med.Fast
EXP4 1007 10' 7 4 137g Med.Fast

EXP4 - Click on images!

Handle and reel seat for rods #3 to #6. Handle and reel seat for rods #7 to #10.