This is a well balanced and complete Series of rods. The action can be described as fast, but it features a temper that makes it easy to load all the way from the bottom during casting and fish fighting. These rods feature large tolerances to varying casting weights. They are built to the highest standards and we have used components that will give you long and enjoyable use during fishing. LPXe V2 spinning rods also work great together with multifilament lines.

Details and features

• All models are 4-piece.
• The rods are manufactured in a 36/40T mix of High ModulusGraphite.
• Guideline Custom designed blanks in green/grey Metallic finish.
• American Tackle Titanium Guides are super light weight, extremely strong, corrosion resistant and Multifilament line approved.
• Comfortable molded ABS reel seat with screw-lock closure.
• High Quality Custom shaped Cork handles.
Guideline proprietary butt cap for comfortable and secure grip during cast.
All rods delivered in Rod bag and Rod Tube.


LPXe V2 8210 | 8' | 2-10gr. | 182gr.
A lightweight and delicate rod for thin lines, small lures and jigs. Rod weight: 193 grams.

LPXe V2 96215 | 9,6' | 2-15gr. | 215gr.
A rod for freshwater and lighter coast applications such as smaller seatrout.  Rod weight: 217 grams.
LPXe V2 9520 | 9' | 5-20gr. | 209gr.
A good allround rod for lakes and rivers. Also works well when fishing for seatrout on the coast.Rod weight: 214 grams.
LPXe V2 101030 | 10' | 10-30gr. | 231gr.
This rod was primarily designed to be used for seatrout fishing on the coast. Great for use with rocket launchers/tube flies or smaller lures. Rod weight: 227grams.
LPXe V2 101540| 10' | 15-40gr. | 236gr.
A rod suited for heavy coastal and river work. When you are aiming for bigger fish and use heavier and larger lures or bait, take a look at this rod!Rod weight: 241 grams.
LPXe V2 11525| 11' | 5-25gr. | 258gr.
A very popular length/casting weight along Danish and Swedish coastlines. You can also use it for Rainbows rigged with a set of flies and a float in Put and Take lakes. Rod weight: 255 grams.
LPXe V2 1261535 | 12,6´| 15-35gr. |
A perfect rod for large rivers where the extra lenght will let you present your bait with spot on accuracy.
LPXe V2 112045| 11' | 20-45gr. | 277gr.
A strong and solid rod with great sensitivity and a lot of fishy feeling. Equally well suited for fishing with spoons, lures or for bait fishing on the bottom.Rod weight: 279 grams.
LPXe V2 112060| 11' | 20-60gr. | 288gr.
Salmon or pike, this rod will handle it all. It is designed to manage heavy sinkers and spoons. Of course it handles large lures and poppers as well.Rod weight: 303 grams.
LPXe V2 112060| 11' | 20-60gr.  - Trigger | 286gr.
This rod has the identical blanks as the 20-60gr spinning rod. But it is fitted with handle, reelseat and guides for use with a multiplier reel.Rod weight: 290 grams.

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·         Guideline proprietary butt cap for comfortable and secure grip during cast.