Best new Innovation award at EFTTEX and ICAST! The talk of the town, the most hyped new innovation in Spinning rods for years. The new Microwave Guide Concept from American Tackle has created more buzz than anything else in the rod market during the last year. Guideline was among the very few and first companies in the world to launch this system on rods last year. A select few models of our LPXe Rods feature this revolutionary guide system.

These rods are based on the same blanks and actions as the LPXe V2 Spin series. The action can be described as fast, but it features a temper that makes it easy to load all the way from the bottom during casting and fish fighting.These rods feature large tolerances to varying casting weights. They are built to the highest standards and we have used components that will give you long and enjoyable use during fishing

The Microwave feeling

The ”feel” is a reduction in vibration which represents friction caused by the oscillating line leaving the spinning reel and going through the line guides. That friction slows line down and decreases casting distance. Most anglers put more power into their cast to compensate, which impedes accuracy. This system allows less power to be used to achieve the same distance (or more to increase distance) allowing greater focus on accuracy while reducing fatigue.!


  • 4 pcs models.
  • Built of a mixture of 36/40t graphite.
  • Our own developed blanks in green/grey metallic color.
  • American Tackle Microwave guides.
  • Comfortable molded ABS reel seat with screw-lock closure.
  • First class cork grip, designed by Guideline.
  • Guideline proprietary butt cap for comfortable and secure grip during cast.
  • All rods delivered in Rod bag and Rod Tube.


LPXe Microwave | 8' | 2-10gr.   
A fast, nicely balanced, tip-light and very accurate rod that casts small spinners, lures and jigs far and precise with little effort. A great match together with a 0,08 - 0,10 mm braided line. Packs small for easy transport during your back packing trip.

LPXe Microwave | 9,6' | 5-15gr.
Another lightweight option with even better reach and distance casting abilities than the 8´ rod. This is a good choice for lighter inshore Sea Trout coast fishing but also for Perch, Trout and Char in lakes and rivers of medium to larger size.
Weight: 214 gram.

LPXe Microwave | 10' | 10-30gr.
The all round tool for Pike, Trout, Sea Trout and even smaller Salmon. This rod has a distinct, fast action without any vibrations or disturbance. It possesses impressive casting abilities, especially when teamed up with a thin braided line.
Weight: 226 gram.


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