The LXi series is developed for the Salmon-, Seatrout and steelhead angler. All these 5- and 6-piece rods are designed to offer highest possible performance packed into a transport-friendly format for anglers who travel a lot. All rods on this page will fit nicely into a GL Roller Bag when you travel.


Single Hand Rods

These rods have a fairly deep, continuous, half action with a powerful tip offering high recovery speed. This type of curve activates the lower, most powerful parts of the rod with little effort.

The blank is extremely responsive with a very short deflection area, creating an action that shapes tight, and precise loops. LXi single hand rods are equally well suited for overhead- as for Spey casts.

Switch Rods

The very popular 11’6” Switch rods have been moved into the range of multi-piece rods by having one more piece added to them. Now you can fit them in your fishing bag and do not need to carry extra rod containers on your next fishing trip. We even extend this range to four rods by adding an 11’6 #9/10 “Big Fish Stick” for season 2016. 

We even extend this range
to four rods by adding an 11’6 #9/10 “Big Fish Stick” for this year.

There are three different models, 6/7, 7/8 and 8/9 to choose from. These rods are configured with hybrid front handles that work very well both as single hand and double-hand grip. The short back handle gives a good, secure hold for double hand casting and at the same time, it is small enough not to interfere with your single hand casting.

The lightweight Recoil single leg and stripper guides help the rod action and creates a nice, tip light and crisp feeling in the blank. These rods have a relatively stiff tip that can handle both standard Scandi heads and heavier Skagit type heads equally well. They are powerful and you will be surprised at the length of the cast you can power out with these rods.

The 6/7 weight rod makes a great tool for Brown Trout or fishing for smaller grilse sized Salmon. The 7/8 weight rod is very useful as an allrounder for both larger, migratory Browns and for Sea Trout and medium sized Salmon. This rod loves a Compact 7/8 line set up. The 8/9 weight rod is powerful and handles Scandi lines in weights from 21 grams and performs superb with a 24 gram Scandi or Multi Tip Switch line. For short Skagit heads, weights up around the 20-22 gram/320-350 grains mark + tip are a great option. 


Double Hand Rods

Among the double hand rods, the three most popular models have been chosen and converted into 6-piece versions. You will find these rods surprisingly close to the original LXi rods in action, yet off ering a good option for easier travelling. All the above rods have been designed to fit into and be carried inside a GL Roller bag when travelling. This eliminates the need for an extra checked rod tube when fl ying to your dream destination for fishing. 

For season 2016 the three double-handed rods are now joined by a brand new 6-piece version of our very popular 13’9 #8/9 rod. You will find all these rods surprisingly tip light and with a recovery speed you wouldn’t think possible from a 6-piece rod! 


They have grey/green metallic blanks and are fitted with hard anodized, black reel seats with flat sides incorporating LXi laser engraved logos. Cork Grips are fitted with nice trims in rubber cork and are slightly shorter to generate more reserve power. To add to the performance and reduce weight, we have fitted REC Recoil stripper guides and single leg guides on all rods. New, mesh rod bags keep things light and breathable. Together with new developed, extremely lightweight tubes, you are sure not to carry any unnecessary weight when checking in for your next fishing trip.

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 Singel Hand  Switch  Double Hand
Model Length AFTM PCS Weight Rec. Headweight Tube length
LXi 1007 10' 7 5  136gr  17-19gr 71cm/28"
LXi 1008 10' 8 5  137gr  19-22gr 71cm/28"
LXi 1009 10' 9 5 139gr  22-24gr 71cm/28"
LXi 11667 11'6" 6/7 5 172gr  16-18gr 81cm/31,5"
LXi 11678 11'6" 7/8 5  175gr  19-21gr 81cm/31,5"
LXi 11689 11'6" 8/9 5  181gr  22-24gr 81cm/31,5"
LXi 116910 11'6" 9/10 5  189gr  25-27gr 81cm/31,5"
LXi 12989 12'9" 8/9 6  249gr  30-32gr 76cm/30"
LXi 129910 (New) 12'9" 9/10 6  254gr  34-36gr 76cm/30"
LXi 13989 13'9" 8/9 6  263gr  30-32gr 81cm/31,5"
LXi 139910 13'9" 9/10 6  274gr  34-36gr 81cm/31,5"
LXi 1491011 14'9" 10/11 6 314gr  40-43gr 87cm/34"