Already back in 2014 we started the process of looking into updating our long time popular white RS rods. As work got under way and progressed we found new materials, new tapers and new ideas of what was the “right” performance for these rods. In this exploratory phase we soon were so far from the original rods that we decided to take the opportunity to totally re-design the whole Series. This is the stunning and cool result!
RSi is a series of fast, lightweight rods with great recovery speed and a “bottom-half-kick” that will have you smiling big time when casting. Available as 9’ 4-piece versions in line weights # 5-12. Blanks are made from a grand mix of different carbon materials, advanced cutting patterns as well as reinforcement-layers. All individually adapted to the specific rod and its intended use. After a democratic voting process, a matte, black, ”stealth” finish with tone in tone wrappings, dark red trims and details on the reel seats was decided. We matched it with extra hard anodized, black glossy reel seats and 5A custom designed full wells cork grips. 
Looking for a final solution to the problem of running lines wrapping around the stripper guide when shooting line, we eventually came to test Fuji’s brilliant (and super cool looking) KW stripper guides. These guides have proven to reduce this problem down to almost zero during our testing phase. We are happy to introduce a new, aggressive and very effective guide set on our rods. These stripper guides have been matched with hard chrome single leg guides in the lighter line weights from #5-9 and with double leg hard chrome, strong, yet light wired snake guides for the three heaviest rod models up to 12wt. Supplied in a breathable mesh bag and a lightweight strong rod tube with a 1680D heavy-duty cover fabric.

You will find that these rods are individually tailored to suit different target groups of fish depending on the line weight.

In the #5-6 segment you have fast, yet delicate rods, equally well suited for ultra light saltwater work as for fishing trophy size Browns in streams and rivers.
The 7-9 weight rods are workhorses for medium heavy species like Sea Trout, Bonefish or Permit and will be super tools for dedicated Streamer and Pike Junkies as well.
In the 10-12 range you’ll find the rods for trophy size and super strong fighters like Tarpon, Tuna, GT and other similar flats- and Bluewater-species. 


Model Length AFTM PCS Weight Recommended head weight
RSi 905 9 5 4 97 11-13 gr / 170-200 grains
RSi 906 9 6 4 101 14-16 gr / 215-245 grains
RSi 907 9 7 4 103 17-19 gr / 260-290 grains
RSi 908 9 8 4 104 20-22 gr / 310-340 grains
RSi 909 9 9 4 105 22-24 gr / 340-370 grains
RSi 910 9 10 4 116 24-26 gr / 370-400 grains
RSi 911 9 11 4 122 27-30 gr / 415-465 grains
RSi 912 9 12 4 126 31-34 gr / 480-525 grains

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Caring for your salty rods!
Your RSi rod is built to play it tough. However, all fishing in salt water puts great strain on your gear and requires that you look after your equipment after a day’s fishing. Always rinse your rod in fresh water when you are finished, then wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth. Spray your reel seat and guides with anti-corrosive oil occasionally as well. These few minutes of extra care, will extend the life of your rod many times over, if you are a frequent visitor in salty environments. The best of components may be damaged by the salt if they are neglected. Follow this simple advice and your RSi rod will bring you many years of joy in the future.
Svært populær modell for både salt- og ferskvannsfiske i Norge. Denne har blitt en favoritt i blant flere gjeddefiskere. Aksjonen på denne er forbedret fra tidligere modeller.