With ROMAN MOSER MINICON loopsystem you can easily change leader, line or shooting head.
By using the MINICON concept Your fishing will be easier, less time consuming and efficient. The loops are made out of double walled, braided nylon. Which gives the best breaking strength, durability and undisturbed power transmission to the leader. ROMAN MOSER loops are without doubt the best on the market. They are very short which gives less water absorbtion.


Minicon trout
Loops for lineweight up to #7.
5 pcs/pack, # 16 lbs
Item. nr. 37000.

Minicon salmon
Loops for salmon and seatrout fishing.
4 pcs/pack, # 34 lbs
Item. nr. 37001.

Minicon salmon XL
Loops with extra large inner diameter. For the thickest shooting heads. No need to peal off coating.
3 pcs/pack, # 40 lbs
Item. nr. 37001X.

Minicon shooting head junction
Connection Loops for Shooting Heads with Jumbo Loop for easier attachment. Elastic link between Running Line and Shooting Head. Very high breaking strength. Quick change of different heads possible on waterside.
(3 pcs/pack, # 34 lbs)
Item. nr. 37020.




Minicon Glue
Elastic and waterproof super glue for fixing the rubber sleeve together with the Minicon on the flyline - won't make your line brittle - multiple use - perfect glue for fly tying. For opening twist cap, after use close bottle with lid. Keep the glue in freezer for long lasting - no drying up. Glue may be used for any quick repairs on the waterside angler's glue
Item. nr. 37002.

Tippet Rings
Extremly small closed metal rings for attaching thin tippets - mainly used on tapered monoleaders.

Item nr.
3S diameter 2,5 mm (Streamer)

Item Nr.
4S diameter 2 mm (DryFly).

10 pcs/pack