Fario Classic 904 Best in Test

In the April issue of Trout & Salmon Magazine they have tested 13 different 9ft 4wt rods. We are really happy about the result and the fact that the Fario legacy continues!

Criterias for testing, pasted from the article:

"A 9 ft 4 wt is a river trout rod for fishing smaller rivers and so we looked at each rod’s accuracy over various ranges, which can be critical in tight quarters. Similarly, the ability to roll-cast is vital when
fishing overgrown stretches, and forms the foundation of single-handed spey casts, which are very useful, though often overlooked. Our comments are ultimately subjective but we tried to consider the full range of casting styles and strokes in order to find a rod that would perform in the hands of any angler from beginner to advanced."

What the testers say:

"A seriously impressive fly-rod. For us, it ticks
all the boxes. Its thin, light, medium-fast blank offers great accuracy at all ranges. It offers great feedback through the handle, making casting timing intuitive for the experienced angler and easy to learn for the beginner. It roll-casts very well and has the ability to pick up a long line, which is useful for quick fly placement with roll pick-ups or overhead casts. This is a rod that would suit all fishers
in terms of style and ability. If you are a relaxed caster it will accommodate you, if you push it, it will respond"

"An extremely accurate and easy-to-use rod, perfect for all abilities."

The Fario Classic 904 was tested against these rods:

Hardy Zephrus
Sage Mod
Orvis Superfine Carbon
Airflo Streamtec Nano
Wychwood River and Stream
Snowbee Diamond2
Scierra Memento
Greys GR70 Streamflex
Daiwa Lexa
Redington Hydrogen
Vision Mag
Marryat Tactical

"We chose the Guideline Fario Classic as
our winner because we felt it offered the best
all-round performance to suit anglers of all

Read more about Fario Classic here.

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