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We have many films on our YouTube channel. Here we present some of the latest product films. Click on the images to view them.

Choosing Running Line

Shooting lines are important because they affect casting not only in terms of distance but also efficiency and ease of use.

WF lines for salmon fishing

For the modern salmon fishery today the shooting heads are mostly used, but in many small rivers and at some situations in the bigger rivers as well, it can be a big advantage to fish with a WF line.


Our POWER TAPER CALCULATOR helps you to choose the right shooting head for your rod. You'll get fast answers to lengths and weights of the various heads and how to customise/cut them to suit your rod.

Highlanders and Howlers – favourite flies from the Gaula

In just the same way that the alchemists were obsessed with the ultimately impossible task of turning base metal into gold, fly fishermen are obsessed with finding the perfect fly.

The Original Templedog

I tied this pattern the first time in 85’ for the autumn fishing in River Em. The combination of Brown/Black Wing and Gold body with Orange dyed Badger as body hackle with Flashbou 6924, 6911 Rainbow and Red, make this fly outstanding in any humus/brown coloured water like The Mörrum and The Em.

Sea Trout at the End of the World

The weather station in the fishing lodge reported the air temperature at 6 degrees and winds at a constant sixty kilometres an hour plus – just another regular fishing day at Maria Behety, Rio Grande, Argentina.

Matt Hayes’ Guide to Fly Fishing for Pike Part 2

Having already described the kit that you need to fly fish for pike, in part two of this series, I will concentrate on fishing techniques and how to use the new kit to its best advantage.

Matt Hayes’ Guide to Fly Fishing for Pike Part 1

Hooking a pike on the fly is one of angling’s great moments: from the moment that you feel the first surge of power down the fly line to the final cart-wheel jump, even a small pike will give you an adrenaline buzz that no other style of pike fishing can deliver.

Equipment advice for salmon fishermen

A long winter is over for this time, and we salmon fishers finally begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel again. This long and dull wait is really quite horrible given that the fishing season is so short in Norway, but I believe this makes us more patient fishermen during those days when the fishing is not as good. And this is a very good skill for a salmon fisherman.

Power Taper on a single hand rod

The river is perfect this evening, you quietly approach the water and in the run you see the splash of a big salmon. You pull a few yards of line off the reel, preparing for a perfect presentation of the fly in front of the salmon. The shooting head is delivered far out into the current, and as the salmon grabs the fly and you lift the delicate single hand fly rod to set the hook, you are experiencing THE summer dream.

Choose the correct wading route

In terms of the discussions around fishing strategy it’s always mostly about flies, fly lines, and casting techniques, and it is rare to hear discussions around the importance of wading correctly in terms of how you want to fish the various spots in a pool.

Double Snakeroll

The snake roll technique has, as with the spey cast, a single and a double variant. The basic theory for this is also the same; they should be used for each side of the river, this is in terms of which arm you cast best with.


High water conditions, average returns, exciting new Guideline products, friendships shared. Text & Photo: Jaap Kalkman.

Matt's experiences with Fario

‘Exquisite’ is not a word often associated with fishing rods. More typically we are presented with hyperbole such as ‘power’,’ cast to the horizon,’ ‘steely’ or ‘fast.’ The new Fario rod by Guideline is none of these things – it has subtle, hidden talents that make it truly exceptional and I think that ‘exquisite’ is the best description I can offer. My tests with Fario so far have been with the 9’ #5 and the 8’6 #3.

Single Snakeroll

This is the type of cast that I like the most. After seeing this technique for the first time things really took off, I have never been out practising with the fly rod as much as during this period. I experienced a completely new world of opportunities, which made my fishing more effective. I had been spey casting for several years, but combining this cast with the snake roll made it possible to cast in very different ways.

Hunting spring salmon

Late May and early June is my favourite time of the year and that's when the first large salmons usually enter the river. This is hardcore fishing at its best, with cold high water, heavy sinking lines and big flies.There's not many fish in the river, but they’re big and I know where to search for them.


In many waters buzzers (chironomids) are one of the most important food sources for trout. This pattern has proved to be very good in many situations and for Guideline employee Rune Andre Stokkebekk it has become a favorite.


Since I got tired of tangled flash flies that becomes unusable and destroyed after a few pikes caught. I began searching for a material that doesn’t tangles in the same way as the previous material I have used.

Take care of your gear

Maintenance is an important issue for all fishermen. This article tells you how to take care of your rod, reel and flyline. Remember that warranties does not cover missuse. Neither does it make fishing more enjoyable. Follow these easy steps and get the most out of your gear.


Even us “Scandis” have more and more started to experiment with not only fishing close to the surface, but in the film and on the surface. Mikael Frödin is hooked on these critters!

Jeong Park Flycasting

South Korean Power Team member Jeong Park shows some excellent flycasting here!

Washing your waders

To make the most out of your waders it is important that you take a little care of them. This will maintain the properties and avoid bad smell and reduced breathability.

The man behind the gear

Leif Stävmo is Guidelines chief of product development. Read more about his fishing career and what he likes.

Feeling Cold?

Dressing up to be prepared for all sorts of weather changes that might occur during a fishing trip is never easy. Most fly fishermen have experienced this from time to time.