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Älvräddarna, The River Savers Association is a nonprofit, and political independant organisation, working to keep the undeveloped running water streams alive, and to stop them being regulated for hydropower. At the same time we are intensively working to restore existing regulated waters with fish ways, and also to restore a healthy ecological balance in them. As before Guideline is Gold Sponsor 2017.

Norske Lakseelver

Norwegian Salmon Rivers organizes over 70 of Norway’s most important salmon rivers, from Lakselv and Alta in the north to Mandal and Otra River in the south. Our work is based on three pillars: conservation of wild salmon, responsible local government and salmon fishing for everyone.

Call of the Wild

Guideline Flyfishing and Call of The Wild have signed a strategic cooperation. We see that we both share the same vision, to give anglers the best chance to get the ultimate fishing experience.

Kymi Fishing

Kymi Fishing is the leading fishing guide company on River Kymi in Finland. They provides everything you need from guiding, accommodation, food, transportation and other services. Their fishing guides are local experts and the fishing methods used are well tested and very successful.


The NASF Campaign to restore salmon stocks is winning! Nothing beats common sense, the right priorities and ABUNDANCE as the target. Ending mixed-stock netting has always been our priority. We are currently lobbying the Norwegian Government to abandon this destructive form of commercial salmon fishing.