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Mikael Frödin - PRO TEAM

Mikael started tying his own flies at the age of thirteen and since the age of 18 he’s lived as a professional fly tier and salmon fisher. During the -80’s and the 90’s he worked as a guide by some of Scandinavian’s best salmon rivers. It gave him not only interesting contacts but also irreplaceable experience. The last 25 years he has fished more than 100 days per year all over the world. Apart from the salmon fishing, he also has lots of experience from fishing sea trout and steelhead. The last 15 years he has travelled yearly to salt water destinations, where the favorite fish is the mighty tarpon. Mikael is one of the most experienced, well-known and successful fisherman of Scandinavia.

Alex Jardine - PRO TEAM

Alex was raised on a diet of fly fishing and I am pretty sure that Charles Jardine only gave him fly reels to play with instead of toys! Alex has fished for the England Youth Team, representing them at World Championship level over a 4 year period winning a team Bronze and a highest individual finish of 7th in the world.He has travelled extensively, looking after groups of people and guiding them as well as giving numerous casting demonstrations alongside his father. Alex ties flies for the Partridge pro team, is a qualified casting instructor and works for international fishing specialists Aardvark McLeod. In 2014 Alex was also named as an Angling Trust Ambassador.

Cesar de la Hoz

César is a Spanish fly fisher from Madrid. Fly casting instructor titled by FFF and Spanish CNL. In the past years was editor of the hunting and fishing channel of canal plus, and writer in fly-fishing magazines about fly-casting. Fishes most of the time for trout and salmon in Europe and travels to Patagonia during the Austral summer in the southern hemisphere, looking for big trout and seatrout. César loves to fish switch rods and light Skagit heads so some friends call him “streamer man” because he loves to fish this way all year around. Photographer and filmmaker loves to travel around the world looking for great pictures.

Fabrice Bergues

Fabrice lives south west of France on the banks of the most beautiful salmon river and has been a dedicated flyfisherman since his early childhood. In the past years he has worked a lot on increasing the popularity of underhand casting and the use of shootings heads in salmon fishing in France with the use of tube flies. Nowaday, living right by the river Gave d’Oloron, he’s working as a guide and he’s arranging fishing, tying and casting clinics, and some hosted trips abroad.

Alessio Falorni

Alessio was born in Florence, where a historical italian fly fishing school is situated. He started fly fishing at the age of seven. As a courios and pasionate child, he learns seriosly from some of the best italian fly casters and fishermen. Just after a decade he becames casting istructor, valued fly tyer and Fly fishing shop contributor. In the past two years he has worked on increasing the popularity of underhand casting and the use of shooting heads in Italy, not only for chasing salmon and sea trout worldwide, but also for Italian rivers and coast fishing. Now he is hooked on short shooting heads with ultra light rods like #3 and #4 weight in his tuscanian pocket water. For more info, contact him on:

Kieran Conlon

Kieran started fly fishing at the age of 5 and has been at it ever since. When not fishing on his home rivers in Southern Ireland he can be found guiding and teaching other anglers in their pursuit of Atlantic Salmon on many of the famous rivers in the region. He also enjoys searching out large predatory early season Brown Trout as well as Seatrout on Balmy Summer nights. He now holds APGAI Ireland's Advanced Two handed Instructor and Guides qualification. Kieran also gives casting demonstrations and clinics specializing in practical techniques using modern equipment while keeping it simple and efficient.

Jaap Kalkman

I was born in Holland where I started fishing since as long as I can remember. I mostly fished for northern pike and carp. When I was 12 I started fly fishing for trout on the saltwater lakes in Holland and in Belgium, France, Germany and Austria. I also traveled to Scandinavia where I fished for Atlantic salmon, mostly on the Gaula. I have been steelhead guiding on the Bulkley River for the past 13 years. When I am not guiding, my wife and I can be found camping and fishing for steelhead and spring salmon on the rivers of northern BC. I started to fish with double-handed rods when I was young, back in Scandinavia, and enjoy teaching others. When I am not fishing I love tying flies, enjoying the creation of patterns that are beautiful, practical and that reliably catch fish.

Bob Sherwood

Bob Sherwood is a lifelong fly fisher and an AAPGAI Master salmon and trout instructor as well as an Advanced fly tying instructor. A journalist by background, he was written extensively on fishing and outdoor pursuits for the UK national press and a range of magazines. He has fished widely across the world, particularly in Iceland, Canada, USA, Argentina and the Bahamas. As a partner in Halstead and Bolton, the fly fishing travel specialists, he leads groups of fly anglers to some of the most exciting global destinations. Every year, he also runs residential salmon and trout courses in Scotland and England. In addition, he is secretary of the Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors and a senior assessor for all AAPGAI instructor qualifications.

Duncan Egan

Duncan specialises in tying modern salmon flies and is the inventor of the hugely successful Flamethrower series of flies. He ties flies professionally for many salmon beats and high profile salmon anglers all over the world and often has a lengthy waiting list. Having worked for one of the largest fishing tackle retailers in the UK for over 20years he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fishing in Scotland. When he’s not behind his fly tying vice you will find him on the river bank testing out his deadly flies!!

Neil Truelove

Born in Leeds, West Yorkshire and later educated in the North of Scotland where at an early age the love of fishing and the countryside were truly cemented. Lucky enough to have fished in many wonderful places and and still having a passion to keep learning and questioning. Holding Aapgai Advanced qualifications in both Salmon and Trout of which I am very proud, now semi-retired from my family run Inn and Restaurant enabling me to spend more time fishing, teaching and guiding in Scotland and the rivers of the North of England.

Eric Hope

Eric is a charismatic professional fly-casting instructor and fishing guide based in the English Lake District. Although specialising in catching pike on the fly, he is equally at home on wild waters all over the world and has caught salmon and trout from the Russian Ponoi to the USA’s Roaring Fork. These days based around Keswick, and surrounded by first rate wild fishing, Eric has fished the Lake District for most of his life and takes great delight in improving other anglers fishing experiences. When not working he is usually by water somewhere, with a rod in his hand. He can be contacted via e mail at erictbad or his web site:

Dave Parkes

Dave is a real fishing nut, he love fishing for all types og fish, all game fish, sea bass and coarse fish. He's passion is seatrout fishing at night, followed by spring salmon, as long as he has a fly rod in his hand he is happy. Dave is retired which enabels him to do a lot of fishing on his home waters in Wales. For the last 20 years he have been going on annual trips to Norway and Russia.

Mick McDaid

Mick is a Salmon and Trout fly casting instructor and Guide on the River Tweed in Scotland, and hold the Masters qualification in the A.A.P.A.G.I in both Trout and Salmon casting. He also designed the MMD spey lines for Guideline. Mick is Guidelines UK casting demonstrator. Read more about Mick and his work at

Kalle Grahn

At the age of thirteen Kalle Grahn built his first fly rod and by that time he was already hooked to the fly. Today he’s in to all kinds of fly fishing and tying. Raised by the rainbow ponds south of Stockholm he moved north and lived and worked 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in the home of the arctic char, trout and graylings. Nowadays, living right by the river of Indalsälven in Åre. Kalle has guided fly fishing and is working as a journalist and photographer for fly fishing magazines. He also lends a helping hand with GLs Pr in Sweden.

Kalle Svensson

Kalle Svensson lives in the southern parts of Sweden and has been a dedicated fly fisherman since his early childhood. He enjoys sneaking around beautiful creeks looking for hatching mayflies and rising trouts and he also enjoys wading the coastal line fishing for Pike and sea run trouts. He is a devoted fisherman and when his not in the water fishing he is filling up his fly boxes with his own flies.
Kalle is always out there in the nature near the water aiming for that perfect take.

Thomas Strandgren

Thomas lives in Uppsala and started to fly fish at the age of 10. He soon felt something was missing and it was to fight big fish. So at age of 12 he bought his first twohanded rod and caught his first salmon and ”the salmon bug was a fact”. The later years he has been more into the actual casting and what lies behind such as kinetics and rod actions when we do fly fish. That has set him into getting a certification on twohanded rod within FFF, Federation of Flyfishers. Thomas run casting courses on twohanded rods. Contact:

Tuomo Kilpi

Tuomo Kilpi lives next to the salmon river called Kymi, in southern Finland. Salmon and sea trout fishing with sinking lines and tube flies is his thing. Besides his home river you can also find him at locations in Scotland, Norway, Sweden or anywhere else where the salmon is swimming up a river. In Tuomo’s hunt for salmon and sea trout he prefers short shooting heads and single handed rods.

Tommi Koivunen

Tommi lives in the western part of Finland and started fly fishing when he was 5yrs old, since that he have fished almost 100 days per year all over the scandinavia. He’s a very passionate fly tier and have specialized in different kind of tube flies, favorite thing to do is zonker tubes. Tommi likes to do all kind of fly fishing, but have a big passion for salmon and sea trout with double handed rods. Pike fishing is also close to his heart.

Roger Enger Lie

Roger is a 27 year old troutbum from the forest of Norway. Working as a teacher at the Norwegian fishing academy and as a part time fly fishing guide in Troendelag, middle of Norway, he’s a: EFFA Certified Fly Fishing Guide. Roger often uses realistic imitations when he is out hunting for the trout of his dreams, mostly dries but also nymphs. He starts his season in March, in the River Glomma for graylings. Later in the summer, he travels all over the country looking for unknown spring creeks and small waters.

Kim Sørensen

Bor midt i jylland med Skjern å, Varde å og Storåen hvor han har rekorden for fluefanget laks som sine hjemmevande. Kim binder mest rørfluer, både hårvinge og skind-(zonker) vinger. Udenfor laksesæsonen fisker Kim en del på kysten, i både Limfjorden, Horsens og Vejle fjord. Kim tager rundt og laver både bindekurser og en del demo aftener i forskellige foreninger, desuden guider han lidt ved Storåen. Kim kan kontaktes på, både for kurser og måske også for et fif til Storåens laks.

Hugo Nielsen

A skilled Danish Instructor and Fly fisher, who lives in the middle of Jutland in Denmark. He is at home in classic rivers such as Karup and Skjern, but he has a genuine allround interest in flyfishing and chases virtually everything that swims with a fly. He arranges fishing and casting clinics around Denmark. For more info, contact him on: or his web: