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Alex Jardine

Alex was raised on a diet of fly fishing and I am pretty sure that Charles Jardine only gave him fly reels to play with instead of toys! Alex has fished for the England Youth Team, representing them at World Championship level over a 4 year period winning a team Bronze and a highest individual finish of 7th in the world. He has travelled extensively, looking after groups of people and guiding them as well as giving numerous casting demonstrations alongside his father. Alex ties flies for the Partridge pro team, is a qualified casting instructor and works for international fishing specialists Aardvark McLeod.

Lewis Hendrie

Lewis started fishing at the early age of 4 and by the time he hit 11 he discovered the world of fly fishing. From there he went on to represent England in both youth and senior levels and fished in numerous European and world championships. His passion took him down the route of becoming a full time fly fishing guide and casting instructor for the pass 12 years where he has taught many new comers to our beloved industry. Lewis specializes in river fishing for trout and grayling and saltwater fly fishing and is an avid photographer which has resulted in him traveling around the globe to fish destinations throughout Europe and New Zealand.

Chris Hague

Chris is based at our UK distributor Fly Only where he teaches individual and group lessons as well as guiding throughout the region. His qualifications include APGAI Single and Double Handed, IFFF Master Casting Instructor and IFFF Two Handed Casting Instructor . When Chris is not teaching or guiding he can be found with a fly rod in his hand chasing a variety of different species both in the UK and abroad. For further information on Chris please visit

Dave Parkes

Dave is a real fishing nut, he love fishing for all types og fish, all game fish, sea bass and coarse fish. He's passion is seatrout fishing at night, followed by spring salmon, as long as he has a fly rod in his hand he is happy. Dave is retired which enabels him to do a lot of fishing on his home waters in Wales. For the last 20 years he have been going on annual trips to Norway and Russia.

Cohn O´Dea

Cohn's introduction to fishing began as a poachers son aged 4 by carrying the rods and observing at Taymount in1974. His father (Cohn Snr),master fly fisher, J.T Third and Tay legend George McGinnis were his mentors and inspiration to learn, refine and improve all aspects of his casting repertoire and expertise. For him fly fishing on the river Tay has a special attraction. He has a complete symmetry with the rivers mystical union, unique challenges and ever changing moods; He continues to pass on his passion for salmon fishing teaching and advising anglers from around the globe who visit his beat on this mighty river. With his life long obsession, dedication and commitment we are proud to welcome Cohn as a Guideline ambassador and part of the Guideline family.

Kieran Conlon

Kieran started fly fishing at the age of 5 and has been at it ever since. When not fishing on his home rivers in Southern Ireland he can be found guiding and teaching other anglers in their pursuit of Atlantic Salmon on many of the famous rivers in the region. He also enjoys searching out large predatory early season Brown Trout as well as Seatrout on Balmy Summer nights. He now holds APGAI Ireland's Advanced Two handed Instructor and Guides qualification. Kieran also gives casting demonstrations and clinics specializing in practical techniques using modern equipment while keeping it simple and efficient.

Tommi Koivunen

Tommi lives in the western part of Finland and started fly fishing when he was 5yrs old, since that he have fished almost 100 days per year all over the scandinavia. He’s a very passionate fly tier and have specialized in different kind of tube flies, favorite thing to do is zonker tubes. Tommi likes to do all kind of fly fishing, but have a big passion for salmon and sea trout with double handed rods. Pike fishing is also close to his heart.

Álvaro González Santillán

Álvaro was born in the north of Spain where he fish since his early childhood. Specialized in trout sight fishing and atlantic salmon, Álvaro travels searching for the best dry fly fishing spots in each season of the year. Nature lover and photographer, he is always with a rod and a camera in his hands, waiting to capture on his camera the essence of fly fishing world. Founder of LineasVivas flyfishing and photography blog, he writes for spanish magazines where you can find his pictures and his particular feelings about flyfishing. For more info:

Fabrice Bergues

Fabrice lives south west of France on the banks of the most beautiful salmon river and has been a dedicated flyfisherman since his early childhood. In the past years he has worked a lot on increasing the popularity of underhand casting and the use of shootings heads in salmon fishing in France with the use of tube flies. Nowaday, living right by the river Gave d’Oloron, he’s working as a guide and he’s arranging fishing, tying and casting clinics, and some hosted trips abroad.

Alessio Falorni

Alessio was born in Florence, where a historical italian fly fishing school is situated. He started fly fishing at the age of seven. As a courios and pasionate child, he learns seriosly from some of the best italian fly casters and fishermen. Just after a decade he becames casting istructor, valued fly tyer and Fly fishing shop contributor. In the past two years he has worked on increasing the popularity of underhand casting and the use of shooting heads in Italy, not only for chasing salmon and sea trout worldwide, but also for Italian rivers and coast fishing. Now he is hooked on short shooting heads with ultra light rods like #3 and #4 weight in his tuscanian pocket water. For more info, contact him on:

Bernd Wiesbauer

Fishing since he was a child, fly fishing has been just another kind of fishing method, but from the age of 25fly fishing became the main and ultimately, the only way to fish. Born 1962 in the southern Part of Austria, near the border to Slovenia, his point of interest is the native brown trout. Bernd´s favorite type of fishing is the dry fly fishery on the gin clear, preferably, small streams in Austria and Slovenia. But, to teach and develop casting is even more important for him as the fishery itself. So he gave workshops and schools in Europe and the US. Especially the work with children and beginners is more a vocation than an effort to him. Till today, Bernd is the first and only I.F.F.F master in Austria, a level 2 examiner, and since 2014 a member of the I.F.F.F. international Committee. Web: