An array of fly lines

Are you looking for a great fly line? Guideline is a recognized manufacturer of fishing equipment and we produce a broad range of fly lines. Our fly lines has different characteristics depending on what use it is meant for. 4Cast and Coastal lines have been appreciated by thousands of anglers throughout the years. Encouraged by the success, we now introduce a range of F/S lines in the 4Cast series. These sink-tip lines have longer tips than the norm.

Coastal has been the preferred choice among all season anglers as they stay just below the surface and also maintain suppleness during the colder months of the year. For those days when fish are on the drop offs, we have made the F/I version of the same line, to make you better geared up for the challenge.

If you have any questions regarding our fly line, please contact your local retailer or us directly. Welcome to Guideline.

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