Affordable high quality spinning rods

Are you looking for a manufacturer of spinning rods? At Guideline we combine superior craftsmanship with knowledge and quality materials. That's why we over the years have built a strong brand in the fishing equipment industry. Our spinning rods are based on the same high level of thoroughness as our other equipment and will guarantee you many years of joyful fishing.

Our spinning rods are divided in the series LPXE V2 SPIN and EXPEDITION V2 SPIN. The LPXE V2 spinning rods range from lightweight and delicate rods to heavy duty rods for coastal and river fishing. The EXPEDITION V2 SPIN series is lightweight and all share these features, among others: four piece spinning rods produced in T-36 graphite, olive green finish with matching green wrappings, extremely lightweight, and with stainless steel inserts.

If you have any questions regarding our spinning rods, please contact your local retailer or us directly. Welcome to Guideline.

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