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Guideline LPXe 9´ #5 - Trout & Salmon Overall Winner July 2017!

We are honored and proud to share the top comments with the amazing Sage X fly rod!


Taking advantage of the know-how we have collected through the years with our Triple Density lines, we are happy to introduce a totally new Multi Tip concept...

Fario DT - Double Taper fly line

Fario DT is a classic Double Taper line in a modern taperand manufacturing-technology version. Front tapers vary from 13’/4,0 m to 15’/4,6m. The long fronts help generate precise and controlled presentation at both short and long range.

AltaTiZip Waders

There’s a new Alta now! The 2017-generation of our premium waders has undergone a total makeover.

Alta wading jacket

The Alta jacket is back in the line, but only the name remains the same. This new generation collects design-elements from outdoor jacke

Experience Backpack & Waistbags

We now have our new pack system in stock; the Experience backpack 28L and the Experience WaistBag in size M and L.

New Elevate fly rods

Simply put… by far the best ever rod series we have created in this price range. The looks, the components, the low weight, the finish and the balance in these rods are all remarkable.

New LPXe fly rods 2017

Our DNA and part of the soul of Guideline, the Classic LPXe Series has undergone a total renewal of actions, materials and design.

Alta Windshirt - New 2017

A real favorite among the crew during last summers field-testing. The Alta Wind shirt is a hybrid between a shirt and an outshell windbreaker.

Alta Wading Boot - New model 2017

The 2017 model of the Alta Wading Boots features a complex and advanced construction. They are built on a molded PU cap with protective sides and toe area.

Guideline NEW Catalogue 2017

Our new catalog 2017 in digital format is now live!!

Fario LW Fly Reel

The first ever Guideline Fly Reel to be designed exlusively for Trout Fishing. Every detail and every function has been developed with that one thing in mind; to create a perfect trout reel.


LAXÁ LOFT JACKET - A light, practical and warm jacket wich has many uses. Wear it as your everyday favorite, or as a mid-layer under your wading jackets when things get rough and cold.

G.A.C Open Weekend 23-25 September 2016

For all our angling friends in Scotland it´s time again for the Glasgow Angling Centre Open Weekend, 23-24-25 Sept 2016.

Fario CRS test - Germany

Our German speaking friends can here read a nice review of the Fario CRS rod.

LXi Switch 11,6´ #9/10 - Testers Choice

Guideline LXi Switch 11,6´ #9/10 was awarded Testers Choice in the spring issue of UK fly fishing magazineTrout & Salmon.

EVOLVE WF flylines

2016 marks a big year for Guideline fly lines. We have spent countless hours renewing our range of WF fly lines, adding the latest in new technologies and updating tapers where needed. All this work has resulted in a new group of lines we have chosen to name EVOLVE. An appropriate expression for something that has been further refined and “tweaked” to perform even better.

The Guideline Catalog 2016

The Guideline catalog 2016 can be read here as a digital publication.

New wading jackets

For next season we want to present two new models of wading jackets, the 3 layer Experience Jacket (color moss green) and the 2,5 layer Laxa Jacket (color charcoal or moss green).

Fario Ghost Net & Accessories

For the trout angler we want to show some of the new accessories for season 2016, the GHOST NET, a new Trout Net with silicon based mesh & a new collection of Fario Cork Accessories from Italy.

Fario Classic fly rods

With a lively, deep, precise modern flex, these new Classics will surprise you with their combination of casting performance, lifting properties, delicate presentations and great sensitivity when fighting fish on thin tippets.

FIR Skin CGX Mittens

New, extra warm model with a wind- and waterproof stretchy membrane to keep you warm even in very cold and wet conditions. Inner layer of channel knitted polyester for optimal insulation and to wick moisture away.

Guideline RSi fly rod

The new Guideline RSi are lightweight, fast rods with great recovery speed and a “bottom-half-kick” that will have you smiling big time when casting. Blanks are made from a grand mix of different carbon materials, advanced cutting patterns as well as reinforcement-layers.

The new VOSSO fly reel

The VOSSO fly reel is the latest, most advanced and strongest fly reels ever in the Guideline family. It has been under development for well over three years and combines striking design, including some innovative new features, with a rock solid drag system, totally unaffected by outside circumstances such as temperature changes, moisture, dirt or water.

Guideline new distributor of Einarsson fly reels

The Scandinavian fly fishing brand GUIDELINE is one of the leading European brands in the Industry. GUIDELINE has been appointed as exclusive distributor of Einarsson fly-reels in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden (Scandinavia), UK and Ireland, Spain, France and Russia.

News 2015 - LXi T-Pac Rods

For more convenient and economical travelling.


Vi gir deg en fluestang av meget høy kvalitet, som et synlig og eksklusivt bevis på at du er en viktig støttespiller i kampen for bevaring av villaksen. Sammen har Guideline AS og Norske Lakseelver utviklet en egen stangserie bygget på de anerkjente LeCie-klingene. Disse er reservert dem som støtter arbeidet med å styrke bestandene av villaks i norske elver. Ved å støtte arbeidet til Norske Lakseelver får du en fluestang i serien Release, Limited Edition.

Nye Vadebukser

På vadebuksefronten har vi både nyheter og oppgraderinger for 2010 sesongen. Dee er en helt ny bukse og vår populære Alta har fått en skikkelig oppgradering.

Nye vadejakker

I likhet med våre vadesko og vadere, er også jakkene helt nye for 2010. To helt nye modeller med gjennomtenkt design og kvalitetsmembraner fra Toray. Explorer jakken kommer i år også med helt nye farger.

Nyheter vadesko

Vi har redesignet og forbedret hele vårt sortiment på vadere og vadesko. ALTA, DEE og CROSSWATER er helt nye sko med topp moderne materialer som gjør de meget lette i vekt. Samtidig er de slitesterke og tåler hard bruk.

Nye FARIO & LeCie stenger

Fario stengene er resultatet av ønsket om en ny topp serie for ørretfiskeren. Samtidig med lanseringen av denne serien går de lettere klassene i LeCie serien ut (3-6). Fario består av 10 nyutviklede modeller som vil dekke alle fiskesituasjoner og teknikker innenfor ørretfisket.

Contest winners

In December we have had two diffrent contests. Here are the winners of the photo contest and the newsletter contest.

Velkommen til våre nye websider

Etter flere måneder med utvikling er vi endelig i mål! Vår visjon er at denne websiden skal være den beste kilden til kunnskap og informasjon om trender, ideer og konsepter innen fluefiske. Vi håper at du vil finne deg til rette på de nye sidene og finne mye inspirasjon til dine kommende fisketurer.

Jan Erik Granbo med ny film

Filmen ”Tohånds videregående fluekasting, mine beste kasteteknikker” er min tredje film i rekken, og min aller første rene instruksjonsfilm om fluekasting. Denne filmen ble produsert sommeren 2009. Filmen er et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom Guideline, Granbo Flyfishing og Mountain Media.

ACT4 Testet i Jakt og Fiske nr. 8 - 2009

ACT4 9' #5 får terningkast 5.


4Cast wins test in Trout & Salmon magazine!


Trout & Salmon have tested 5wt rods, guess who won?