Events & Happenings 2022

During spring and early summer you can meet Guideline sales reps, Power Team members and staff at fairs, shows and open days across Europe. Want to test new premium rods like NT8 or LPXe? Try the new ULS - Ultra Light Scandi concept, or are you interested in salmon shooting heads and want to find the best line suited for your type of fishing? What are you waiting for? Come join us! Get advice and tips for optimal rod and line combinations that fits your fishing and casting style. Please find your nearest event below.


Please also check our Facebook page or Instagram on a regular basis to get additional info. List below is sorted by date. 







Schweizer Sportfischer Messe Oberglatt, CH 2022-01-23+24 Chris Rownes Website
Salon Mouche Muret Muret, FR 2022-02-12 F Bergues, E Soule, L Fournier Website
Wollmars Fiske Demo Borås, SE 2022-02-25 Andreas Johansson Website
Outdoor Messe Vesthimmerland, DK 2022-02-26+27 Brian Størup Website
Fladen Store Demo Väla, SE 2022-02-28 Andreas Johansson Website
Sportfiske & VVS Bolaget Demo Hässleholm, SE 2022-03-01 Andreas Johansson Website
GAC Open Weekend Glasgow, UK 2022-03-04/06 Mclay, Park, Odea Website
Ruoto Megastore New Shop Kaarina-Turku, FI 2022-03-05+06 Håkan Norling Website
Wittlocks Halmstad, SE 2022-03-12 Andreas Johansson Website
Kymi Fishing Demo Kotka, FI 2022-03-12 Håkan Norling Website
Jan-Erik Granbo foredrag Nordisk Fiskeutstyr, NO 2022-03-17 Jan-Erik Website
Real Fishing Demo Sandviken, SE 2022-03-17 Håkan Norling Website
Demo Ringridder Pladsen Aabenraa, DK 2022-03-19 Brian S, Danny V Website
Havsöringens Dag Lilla Bommen, Gbg, SE 2022-03-19 Andreas Johansson Website
Kompass Sport Demo Eimeldingen, DE 2022-03-19 Chris Rownes Website
Jægeren & Lystfiskeren GL Aften Aalborg, DK 2022-03-24 Brian Størup Website
Snäjk Demo Vänersborg, SE 2022-03-25 Andreas Johansson Website
Demo Ringridder Pladsen Aabenraa, DK 2022-03-26 Brian S, Danny V Website
Lystfiskerens Dag Herning, DK 2022-03-30 Brian Størup Website
Clonanav LPX Launch Ballymacarbry, IE 2022-04-02+03 JE Granbo, J Curry, K Shone Website
EWF Fly Fishing Fair Fürstenfeld, DE 2022-04-02+03 C Rownes, A Negri, I Capaul Website
TopGrej GL Demo Slagelse, DK 2022-04-09 Brian Størup Website
Pehromessut Fair Tampere, FI 2022-04-22+23 Håkan Norling Website
Lakskurs Salar Sportsfiske Etne, NO 2022-04-22+23 Ove Lode Website
Helsinki Spey Clave Demo Helsingfors, FI 2022-04-25 Håkan Norling Website
Fishline GL Demo  Upplands Väsby, SE 2002-04-28 Håkan Norling Website
Serious Fishing Demo Ballymena, N.IE 2022-04-30 Jim Curry Website
Demo Jakt og Friluft Arendal, NO 2022-05-02 Børge Iversen Website
Grønberg Sport GL Demo Bendiksbukta, NO 2022-05-04 Eirik Nordland Website
Erdal Sport Førde, NO 2022-05-05 Børge Iversen Website
Demo Vammen fritid Svelvik, Batteriøya, NO 2022-05-12 Børge Iversen Website
Söder Sportfiske Demo Stockholm, SE 2022-05-07 Håkan Norling Website
Rustadstuen sport Demo Mosodden, Lillehammer, NO 2022-05-10 O. Henriksen, B Iversen Website
Sport Dres GL Demo København, DK 2022-05-18 Brian Størup Website
FISCHEN JAGEN SCHIESSEN Bern, CH 2022-05-26-29 Chris Rownes Website

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