Clip-On Magnifier Glasses 3X

Clip-On Magnifier Glasses 3X

Guideline Clip-On magnifier lenses with +3.0 optical correction and flip-up function for easy use when you need it.  Comes in a soft, clear protective case with snap-lock.
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The perfect aid for anglers with who struggle with close range eyesight. Great if you do occasional close-up work, like changing your fly or untangling ´wind knots´.... Our Guideline Clip-On Magnifier Glasses are available in two different versions, +2.0 and +3.0 magnifying rate, and they also offer a flip-up function so you do not need to remove them all the time.


Easy attachment, removal and flip-up function, superior durability, and customized prescriptions mean convenience, easy pocket storage, and safe, healthy eyes. Crystal clear lenses give you a sharp distortion-free view; just place onto the nose-piece of your glasses and flip the lenses up and down for easy transition between your regular glasses and these magnifying lenses. These lenses even come complete with a protective pouch, so you can take them anywhere they may be needed!

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Bredde Innfatning 135 mm
Linsebredde 58 mm
Linsehøyde 40 mm

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