The Guideline Power Team is very important to us. They are a key part of our success and we are proud of every team member. We are a team, we have the same passion for fly fishing and we are all fortunate to represent Guideline, a Scandinavian fly fishing company that makes exceptional gear for fly anglers all over the world. Our Guideline Power Team member work near the experienced staff of fly anglers inside Guideline and get a hands-on view of a company who has been developing fly fishing gear for over 25 years.

Álvaro G Santillán (ES)

Álvaro was born in the north of Spain where he fish since his early childhood. Specialized in trout sight fishing and atlantic salmon, Álvaro travels searching for the best dry fly fishing spots in each season of the year. Nature lover and photographer, he is always with a rod and a camera in his hands, waiting to capture on his camera the essence of fly fishing world. Founder of LineasVivas flyfishing guides in 2006, he combines his work as a guide in, with photography in

Alessio Falorni (IT)

Alessio was born in Florence, where a historical italian fly fishing school is situated. He started fly fishing at the age of seven. As a courios and pasionate child, he learns seriosly from some of the best italian fly casters and fishermen. Just after a decade he becames casting istructor, valued fly tyer and Fly fishing shop contributor. In the past two years he has worked on increasing the popularity of underhand casting and the use of shooting heads in Italy, not only for chasing salmon and sea trout worldwide, but also for Italian rivers and coast fishing. Now he is hooked on short shooting heads with ultra light rods like #3 and #4 weight in his tuscanian pocket water. For more info, contact him on 

Alex Jardine (GB)

Alex was raised on a diet of fly fishing and I am pretty sure that Charles Jardine only gave him fly reels to play with instead of toys! Alex has fished for the England Youth Team, representing them at World Championship level over a 4 year period winning a team Bronze and a highest individual finish of 7th in the world. He has travelled extensively, looking after groups of people and guiding them as well as giving numerous casting demonstrations alongside his father. Alex ties flies for the Partridge pro team, is a qualified casting instructor and works for international fishing specialists Aardvark McLeod.

Calle Lundqvist (SE)

Living by the coast in the north of Sweden gives me a lot of opportunities when it comes to salmon and sea trout fishing. Fly fishing for salmon has always been a big part of my life and for me it’s all about taking yourself out of the comfort zone whether it comes down to try out a new fishing spot or wade as deep as your waders possibly allow. I spend most of my time looking for Baltic salmon in the north but I won’t hesitate to take a quick drive to the Norwegian coast if the conditions seem to be better with the atlantics. Take a look at my instagram @callelundqvistt 

Chris Hague (GB)

Chris is based at our UK distributor Fly Only where he teaches individual and group lessons as well as guiding throughout the region. His qualifications include APGAI Single and Double Handed, IFFF Master Casting Instructor and IFFF Two Handed Casting Instructor . When Chris is not teaching or guiding he can be found with a fly rod in his hand chasing a variety of different species both in the UK and abroad. For further information on Chris please visit

Dave Parkes (GB)

Dave is a real fishing nut, he love fishing for all types og fish, all game fish, sea bass and coarse fish. He's passion is seatrout fishing at night, followed by spring salmon, as long as he has a fly rod in his hand he is happy. Dave is retired which enabels him to do a lot of fishing on his home waters in Wales. For the last 20 years he have been going on annual trips to Norway and Russia.

Eirik Norland (NO)

Eirik Norland er lokalisert på Norges beste vestkant. Nærmere bestemt Ryfylke, som er et eldorado for sjø-ørret & laksefiske. Hans karriære i Guideline startet da han uforberedt møtte til #5cup og like greit tok en solid sølvmedalje. Eirik er en etterspurt kar for fluebindedemoer i Norge og han har utviklet flere nye og effektive flue mønstre for Vestlandselvene i Norge. Hovedinteresse er fluefiske etter Laks med korte tohånds & switch stenger. Vinteren tilbringes i ryfylkebassenget med Thermos & fluestang på stadig jakt etter sjø-ørett. Om du trenger inspirasjon til dine nye fluemønstre ta kontakt Eirik for råd og tips, han deler gjerne sine binde beskrivninger.

Ellen Larsen (NO)

Ellen (@norwegianflyfishergirl) er født i 81 og bor i Halden i Østfold. Hun har alltid likt å fiske, men begynte med fluefiske 1 April 2014. Ellen foretrekker å fiske etter laks, men når ikke tiden strekker til så tar hun gjerne med fluestanga på luftetur langs kysten der hun bor. Selv om Ellen ikke startet med fluefiske før i 2014 så har hun allerede fått noen gode personlige rekorder. Blant annet sjøørret på 87 cm/8 kg og brunørret på 76 cm/5,5 kg samt laks på 97 cm/10 kg. Ellen praktiserer C&R og har derfor lite fisk i fryseren til familiens store fortvilelse siden hun også nekter de å spise oppdrettslaks.

Emil Westrin (SE)

Trout fishing has always been close to my heart. It began when I was 3-4 years old and ran along the creek in my parents summer home, sight them and tricked them with worms. In 2007 I moved to Umeå, a city in the northern Sweden with 7 wild salmon rivers in a 100km radius, so here is where I spend my time in the spring and early summer. I stay close to the coast and fishing for salmon and sea trout as long as the snow remains in the mountains and in the beginning of July, I take my car to the mountains in the northern Scandinavia where I trekk and trying to find some untouched and remote trout creeks. Sometimes I take some photos that you can find on my Instagram @emilwestrin.

Fabrice Bergues (FR)

Fabrice lives south west of France on the banks of the most beautiful salmon river and has been a dedicated flyfisherman since his early childhood. In the past years he has worked a lot on increasing the popularity of underhand casting and the use of shootings heads in salmon fishing in France with the use of tube flies. Nowaday, living right by the river Gave d’Oloron, he’s working as a guide and he’s arranging fishing, tying and casting clinics, and some hosted trips abroad.

Frode Hauge (NO)

Frode have been a part of Guideline for many years, as a employee and now again a Power Teamer. Frode's speciality is salmon fishing, but he also go for the seatrout and trout now and then. His skills on casting and fly tying is of world class. Frode is living in the northern part of Norway and perform demos and other activities there.

Gøran Langeland (NO)

Gøran Langeland, 91 modell fra Sandnes med lidenskap for fluefiske etter laks. Født & oppvokst i Sandnes har gjort vestlandselvene til sitt hjemsted, der dagene tilbringes med korte tohånds eller switch stenger. Gøran startet sin karriære i Bjerkreimselva som 10-åring. I dag har Gøran et øye for detaljer, både når det kommer til kasteteknikk, fluevalg & tilpassing av snører til enhver situasjon – ingenting er etterlatt til tilfeldigheter. Gøran er en flittig fluebinder som tilbringer mye av vinteren forran bindestikka. Han har utviklet flere solide fiskefangere & har viderutviklet flere mønstre for å passe for disse lokale elvene.

Helge Dahlen (NO)

Helge bor på Osmarka i Nordmøre og fisker mye i elvene i området. Favorittfisket er tørrfluefiske etter sjøørret men han er veldig allsidig og fisker på mange spennende steder rundt om i verden. I tillegg til å ha egen blogg så skriver han også for jakt og fiske blader. Du treffer Helge på demoer og kurs på vestlandet og i Trøndelag.

Kalle Grahn (SE)

At the age of thirteen Kalle Grahn built his first fly rod and by that time he was already hooked to the fly. Today he’s in to all kinds of fly fishing and tying. Raised by the rainbow ponds south of Stockholm he moved north and lived and worked 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in the home of the arctic char, trout and graylings. Nowadays, living right by the river of Indalsälven in Åre. Kalle has guided fly fishing and is working as a journalist and photographer for fly fishing magazines.

Kalle Svensson (SE)

Kalle lives in the southern parts of Sweden and has been a dedicated fly fisherman since his early childhood. He enjoys sneaking around beautiful creeks looking for hatching mayflies and rising trouts and he also enjoys wading the coastal line fishing for Pike and sea run trouts. He is a devoted fisherman and when his not in the water fishing he is filling up his fly boxes with his own flies. Kalle is always out there in the nature near the water aiming for that perfect take.

Karoliina Koljonen (FI)

Karo fell in love with pike fishing already at the age of seven and after getting her first flyrod in her early teens, she started fly fishing for grayling and brown trout in the Finnish rivers. Over the years the hobby has grown to new dimensions when Karo has, for instance, expanded her hobby to salmon and seatrout fishing with DH rods. Nowadays Karo mostly fishes in Finland, but a few times a year you can find her fishing in Scandinavian rivers. However, especially in the early season, Karo likes to take her belly boat and head to the South coast of Finland to chase pikes. The passion for fishing doesn't seem to have faded at all during the years, on the opposite, her eagerness  for sharing and creating unforgettable fishing experiences drove Karo to start her fishing guide education last year. What happens after the school remains a mystery for the time being but Karo hopes that the future will be at least as fishy as her life at the moment. For more photos of Karo's adventures, follow her on Instagram @Karokoljonen.

Kieran Conlon (IE)

Kieran started fly fishing at the age of 5 and has been at it ever since. When not fishing on his home rivers in Southern Ireland he can be found guiding and teaching other anglers in their pursuit of Atlantic Salmon on many of the famous rivers in the region. He also enjoys searching out large predatory early season Brown Trout as well as Seatrout on Balmy Summer nights. He now holds APGAI Ireland's Advanced Two handed Instructor and Guides qualification. Kieran also gives casting demonstrations and clinics specializing in practical techniques using modern equipment while keeping it simple and efficient.

Kristof Reuther (DE)

Kristof is living in Munich, Germany and has grown up right next to the Isar river where he’s still spending most of his free time. He fully committed to fly fishing at the age of 12 and fishes for whatever species there is, his favorite still being the salmo species. As a student of environmental engineering, he concerns about river ecology and restoration. He enjoys spending time with his friends on the water, especially on a road trip to another undiscovered river somewhere in this world. Besides that, Kristof teaches both single and double handed fly casting in his own courses and produces fly fishing videos together with his Danica Dudes crew. 

Lewis Hendrie (GB)

Lewis started fishing at the early age of 4 and by the time he hit 11 he discovered the world of fly fishing. From there he went on to represent England in both youth and senior levels and fished in numerous European and world championships. His passion took him down the route of becoming a full time fly fishing guide and casting instructor for the pass 12 years where he has taught many new comers to our beloved industry. Lewis specializes in river fishing for trout and grayling and saltwater fly fishing and is an avid photographer which has resulted in him traveling around the globe to fish destinations throughout Europe and New Zealand.

Mattias Hajas Andersson (SE)

Hajas has been fly fishing his entired life with great skills. He is based in Järpen, Åre, Sweden. He runs his own company, Hajas Consulting, with fly fishing courses and fishing guidning. He masters both single-and double handed casting. His favourite is salmon fishing in Sweden and Norway. Hajas is master guide at the well known Hembre Gård by the River Stjørdal in Norway. Hajas is also a professional fly tyer. If you are lucky, he might give you one! Instagram. @hajasandersson Facebook . Hajas Andersson

Patrick Gimmestad Emblem (NO)

Jeg kommer fra Vestnes i Møre og Romsdal og i mitt 22 år lange liv har jeg drevet med fluefiske i snart 15 av dem. Jeg fikk min første enhånds fluestang til 8 års dagen min, og etter å ha landet en laks på 6,5 kg noen måneder senere var jeg hekta. Det er sjøørret og laksefiske som ligger mitt hjerte nærmest. Siden mitt barndomshjem har sjø tomt med fantastisk sjøørret fiske, har jeg naturligvis brukt mye tid på sjøørreten, men også laksefiske i mindre elver har vært en viktig del av mitt fiske tidlig i karrieren. Fra jeg startet laksefiske med to-hånds fluestang i Orkla da jeg var 11-12 år ble det bare mer og mer laksefiske. Nå er det laksefisket jeg fokuserer mest på, og elvene rundt Trondheimsfjorden er mine absolutte favoritter med Stjørdalselva som førstevalg. Jeg studerer for øyeblikket markedsføring og ledelse på Lillehammer, og er ferdig utdannet våren 2017, da flytter jeg endelig til mekka for laksefiske - Trøndelag.

Robin Andersson (SE)

Robin is always looking for big trouts in all it´s forms. Sneaking along small rivers with a Fario rod in hand is his first choice when it comes to fishing places. However, it´s not only the small streams that attract his interests, he want to travel around the world in pursuit of the unforgettable fishing moments. When Robin don´t fish he ties flies and make up plans for the next trip. Website 

Sanna  Koljonen (FI)

With her twin sister Karoliina, Sanna was introduced to the world of fly fishing at the age of 13 but it wasn't until 2014 when fly fishing became a big part of her life. What Sanna loves the most in fly fishing are the amazing places it takes you to, being in the nature, meeting likeminded easy-going people, continuous learning, and last but not least, catching big fish. If you ask Sanna, fly fishing at its best is those beautiful hazy midsummer nights full of greenness and humidity, only the surge of the rapids, the mosquitoes and the laughter of good friends breaking the silence of the intensive anticipation rising from the presence of big fish. Sanna fishes for various salmonid fish species but the past few summers she's been focusing more and more in salmon fishing - a trend that seems to continue also in the upcoming season. Indeed, Sanna is an adventurer, a spokesperson for sustainable migratory fish stocks, a fish hugger and devoted catch and releaser but most of all, a salmon fisher. Once the season starts, you can find her fishing all around in Scandinavian rivers chasing the Baltic/Atlantic dream. For more photos of Sanna's adventures, follow her on Instagram @sannakoljonen.

Steffen Granbo (NO)

Steffen har drevet med laksefiske siden han var en liten gutt. Han begynte å kaste med fluestang som 3 åring, og tok sin første laks på fluestang da han var 7 år. Allerede før han var 15 år, så hadde han fanget mange lakser der den aller største så langt er 16,6 kg, så det var aldri noen tvil om hva denne gutten vil drive med. Steffen begynte også tidlig å holde fluekastekurs, guiding og som instruktør i Granbo Flyfishing. Han har vært med som foredragsholder og demokaster på mange fluefiskemesser både i Norge og utenlands. Han elsker alt innen fluefiske etter laks, og er like ivrig på fluebinding og fluekasting, samt å lage filmer fra sine fisketurer. Steffen er også lakseambassadør i Gaula, og det er nettopp Trøndelags-elvene som ligger hans hjerte nærmest, men en ørliten forkjærlighet for Gaula, Stjørdalselva og et par «hemmelig» smålakselver i Trøndelag.

Stevie Munn (N.IE)

Stevie Munn is from Co. Antrim in N.Ireland, he has fly fished all his life. He is a qualified Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor in Fly Tying and Fly Casting with APGAI-Ireland and an APGAI fly casting instructor. Stevie worked in the angling sector for over 20 years and has been a Professional guide and fly fisher for many years for trout, salmon and a lough run wild brown trout. He has won many fly fishing competitions though mostly now fishes for pleasure. Stevie teaches fly casting and fly tying to all levels from beginner to advanced and has also given lessons at many schools. Stevie hosts fishing trips worldwide and can help you if you want to fish many of the Game angler’s paradises including Iceland, Norway and Argentina as well as his native Ireland, North and South. He also writes articles in many angling magazines.  

Torben Pedersen (DK)

I grew up in grew up in a fishing family in Skagen, northern Denmark, but moved away as a teenager. At that time fishing, and especially fly fishing, really got hold of me. Over the years I have been travelling a lot and on most trips I bring my fly fishing gear, and it has given me many great moments on the water. For the last 20 years, salmon fishing and seatrouts fishing has been my main focus. River Skjern and River Store å are the two salmon rivers where I spend most of my time. River Karup is the place i fish for seatrouts in the night time. I also spend my time giving courses, guiding and doing demo days. Flytying is another big hobby and passion of mine and I am an ambassador for I am looking forward to meeting you all and hope to see you by the water as well!


Aitor Coteron (ES)

I caught my first trout when I was 12 years old – that means 46 years ago. More than twenty years ago I took proper fly fishing. Since then I have been studying casting mechanics in depth. For several years I was administrator of the Spanish section of the Sexyloops board, regular contributor in casting forums, writer for the Spanish fly fishing magazine Danica and avid consumer of all info —on the net or on paper— regarding fly casting and fly fishing in general. I passed the Instructor test of the Spanish fly casting certification (PAIL) in 2006, the FFF CI test in 2009, and have been teaching fly casting for around 15 years now. I have fished in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, USA, Argentina, New Zealand and Zambia. My casting and fishing musings can be found on Vimeo ( and on my own website (

Cohn O'Dea (GB)

Cohn's introduction to fishing began as a poachers son aged 4 by carrying the rods and observing at Taymount in1974. His father (Cohn Snr),master fly fisher, J.T Third and Tay legend George McGinnis were his mentors and inspiration to learn, refine and improve all aspects of his casting repertoire and expertise. For him fly fishing on the river Tay has a special attraction. He has a complete symmetry with the rivers mystical union, unique challenges and ever changing moods; He continues to pass on his passion for salmon fishing teaching and advising anglers from around the globe who visit his beat on this mighty river. With his life long obsession, dedication and commitment we are proud to welcome Cohn as a Guideline ambassador and part of the Guideline family.

Danish Coast Mafia (DK)

This is a group of three anglers from the border between Denmark and Germany. Danny Vollertsen comes from Aabenraa in southern Denmark. He has been fishing since he was 2 years old and with the fly rod since he was 14 years old. When you live in a coastal city, you fish almost daily, but he also catches large salmon and sea trout in the Danish rivers. He has guided both Danish and German anglers by the coast. Fly tying is a big hobby. Ralf Meyer was born in Hamburg, early moved to Sylt, to windsurf. Hobbies today: photograph and film. For the past six months, he has fished with a two-handed fly rod at the river. He started fishing with 1 hand fly rod 7 years ago. Hans Jørgen Christiansen got his first fishing rod over 50 years ago. He has always lived by the river Ribe in south Jutland DK. Later he fished 1 and 2 handed fly rod for salmon and seatrout. 4 years ago he started flyfishing at the Danish coast, often 3-5 times a week. He is tying his own flies.

James Armstrong (GB)

James started fishing at the age of 4 years old. He was brought up fishing on the River Coquet for Brown Trout but soon got itchy feet. He started to fish completively at the age of 16. He represented the England Youth team at world level over a 3 year period. James then started to guide and instruct full time and started his own guiding business called Chasing Fins. He now organises bespoke Salmon & Sea Trout fishing holidays in the North East of England. When the season finishes in the UK James then travels overseas and 
guides for a few different lodges around the world. He also runs a successful syndicate in the North East called Upper Morwick Fishing which hopefully we will be able to use in the future for Guideline open days. James is an avid Salmon and Sea Trout fisherman but has a soft spot and major love for his saltwater fishing.

Knut Skjolden (NO)

Fisker for det meste laks, men også litt sjøørret, i min elv - Beiarelva - der jeg har et lite hus. Men har erfaring fra flere elver. Liker meg best med mye vann og tungt synkesnørefiske med 2-hånds, men tar frem switchstanga når elva faller til minimumsvannstand.

Mark Strong (GB)

Mark has fished the river Eden in Cumbria for over 30 years, he started fishing for trout at first but then discovered his love for Atlantic Salmon, seven years ago he became the upper Eden keeper/Ghillie for the famous Yorkshire fly fishers club looking after 13 miles of prime trout and salmon water on the middle/upper river Eden,he is as keen today as he was over 30 years ago and when not advising and guiding members and guest of the club can be found on the water learning and fine tuning his techniques and river craft weather it be trout or salmon, Mark enjoys fly tying for himself and members of the club, he enjoys his role on the river and gets to meet lots of interesting people who’s passions are all the same he also claims that you have had a bad day if you don’t learn something about our wonderful sport.

Mathew Rickard (GB)

Mathew began fishing at a tender age of 5 fishing local rivers and stillwaters with his father. Soon mathew got introduced to saltwater fishing, this is where he learnt his fly fishing skills and homed in on his quarry. Let’s just say he got the bug. From there he became a full time bass fishing guide on the Welsh coast. He loves nothing more than getting that dream fish for his customers.  Mathew specialises in saltwater fishing chasing bass and mullet but is equally at home on the river bank chasing seatrout at night. He has also starred in a Welsh fishing programme (sgota) plus tight lines on sky sports fishing for bass. With this mathew became a travel consultant, host and guide for leading fishing travel specialists sportquestholidays traveling the globe to places such as Cuba, British Columbia, baja Mexico, Norway and Christmas Island and guiding his groups to there dream catch. In his free time he’ll still have a rod in hand whether it be chasing bass up the beach or waiting for darkness to fall on a river bank, mathew is a true fishing nut.

Miren Elosegui (ES)

I was born in 1984 in the Basque Country, a little region situated in the north of Spain. Five years ago, I began to love the fly fishing taking it as a game on the grass through the fly casting. From the beginning, I got completely hypnotized by the loops in the air. I am mainly a brown trout angler. Spain is a country with a temperate weather which allows me to practice dry fly fishing during all the season, combining different altitudes and latitudes in search of the desired hatches. Fly fishing matches all my greatest passions: outdoor activities, adventure and being in touch with nature. I consider myself a fanatic of dry fly fishing using ultralight equipments, always looking for wild trouts in well preserved river sections and a strong supporter of the “catch and release” philosophy. Follow my photos and adventures on Facebook Miren Loops or on Instagram @mirenloops

Neil Barcock (GB)

Neil started fishing aged 7 on the local rivers Cocker and Derwent in Cumbria, atching trout and sea trout.Caught his first salmon aged 9 on the worm fishing the Cocker.Then aged 11 caught his first salmon on fly with a cane rod from the same river.Have been game fishing for over 52 years. Neil was taught speycasting, and mentored by the late Hugh Falkus whom he fished with on the Derwent and was a personal friend.Neil also features in his “Speycasting” book. Neil is an AAPGAI instructor and guide on the Cumbrian Derwent and keeper/Ghillie on several beats. Neil now fishes extensively on all the major Scottish salmon rivers, has fished all over the UK and Ireland.Salmon fished Norway and British Columbia also saltwater fly fishing in Cuba and Bahamas.He organizes bespoke salmon fishing trips to Norway and Canada, Neil is an avid salmon fisherman and loves fishing the large rivers Tay and Spey. 

Ole-Kristian Strøm (NO)

I live in Hemsedal between east and west of Norway. River Hemsil is running slowly trough the valley and gives me the opportunity to fish almost every day all summer. My passion is dry fly fishing for brown trout. When I was a kid I started fishing in the mountains and got my first fly rod seventeen years ago. The past nine years has it been all about fly fishing. For me fly fishing is about friendship, quiet days by a river all by myself or walk by my home river meeting people and give away my best tips about the river. For inspiration check out my Instagram @olekrs

Per Kristian Eiane (NO)

Er en 02 modell i fra Sandnes med en stor lidenskap for fiske etter laks og sjørret. Født og oppvokst i Sandnes har naturlig gjort Ryfylke til sitt hjemsted for fiske. Hans karriere i Guideline started ved at han impornerte Eirik Norland stort ved hans kaste og fiskeegenskaper. Per Kristian fisker hovedsakelig med enhånds og korte tohåndstenger. Han har fisket hele livet men begynnte og fiske med flue i 10 års alderen. Per Kristian har vært med på mange #5 cuper, hvor han gjør det veldig bra. Vinteren tilbringes langt inni Ryfylke på jakt etter stor sjørreten. Og sommeren på jakt etter laksen. Per Kristian binder mye fluer til både laksen og sjørreten. Han binder også litt klassiske laksefluer. 

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