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Hatchback Boot

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Built on the foundation of Korkers proprietary adaptable traction technology, OmniTrax™ Interchangeable Outsole System. Slide in. Tighten up. HatchBack. ¦ The rear-entry BOA®-assisted closure system makes slipping into this boot incredibly smooth and easy. Korkers’ dynamic Flow Foam Fit System™ provides a positive fit that keeps your toes controlled but allows for articulation and range of motion.


The Hatchback™ incorporates Korkers’ hallmark Internal Drainage System™ in the midsole for rapid drainage of excess water and weight. Protective features such as TPU guards at the toe, calf, and shin. The HatchBack™ offers clean lines with Protected Stitching™ that is recessed into molded grooves to reduce abrasion and wear. Delivered with Black Felt and Kling-On soles. Sizes: 8–15 full sizes only.

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*Inner lenght is longer than usual shoe sizes to accomodate wader neoprene foot. So choose the size you use in normal shoes. If you often fish and wade in cold water you may benefit from choosing one size bigger boot.

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