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Reach Stillwater


Reach is a well-balanced medium length head fly line and a perfect choice for anglers seeking high performance at a mid level price point.
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Reach Stillwater is based on the 4 Cast taper, our most popular fly line of all times. Reach is a versatile fly line, suitable for a wide variety of fishing applications. It is suited for stillwater due to very well balanced weight distribution throughout the head and is also a great line for medium- and larger sized rivers. The profile will assist in easy load of the rod, great line control and a slightly delayed and very accurate turnover through the smooth tip.


This combined with a 3 meter handling line tapered into a low friction, low diameter running line will set you up for ling casts and pin-point presentations alike. It has dual colors for easy identification of the transition between the head and running line. The line is fitted with small factory made loops in both ends and has a printed ID marking about 50cm up from the tip.






An advanced multi-step tapered medium length head, combined with a well-balanced, thin running line make this a good fly line for angler looking for high performance at a mid level price point. The head length including backtaper varies between 10,5 – 11,4 m depending on line size. Color: Pale Sunrise Orange / Light Grey. Available in WF 4-7. Floating. Total length 28 meters.

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